What is SAP S4 HANA?

What is SAP S4 HANA?

Professionals across the world are increasingly acquiring SAP training from leading institutes. If you are not fully aware of SAP S4 HANA, you will find this article beneficial. SAP S/4HANA has been developed for the SAP HANA platform natively. This fresh SAP Business Suite generation is known for its increased efficiency and simplification. It comes with some compelling features, such as stimulation and planning options in several conventional transactions. This module of SAP training is different from the traditional system, that only keeps a record of data. It provides the end-users with an active support in decision in real time, based on data coming from both external and internal sources.

In SAP HANA, customers enjoy the option for calculating different cases in business, that are enabled by TCO optimizations and savings. For SAP S4 HANA, these calculations remain equally valid. Besides, they offer some other benefits, which are taken into account by the business value calculator. This includes the new interface usage, greater flexibility, new UI and greater throughput. It is for this reason that many aspirants are pursuing SAP London courses.

SAP S4 HANA modules

SAP Finance remains one of the core components of SAP S4 HANA. Formerly, this was referred to as simply Finance. The aspirants, on completing the course, are able to streamline their careers. They become competent in carrying out real-time analysis, related to financial data. In the process, companies are able to get their financial and non-financial data aligned together. SAP refers to this as a complete source of truth. Certain users of Business Suite are using SAP Finance as the initial step to S/4HANA. A SAP certification UK can bestow you with the relevant knowledge on this module.

In the subsequent releases, SAP has added some more modules as well as functionalities. These include:

S/4HANA 1909: In December 2019, this module was released and this includes insights on supply chain management. Besides, it is comprehensive of various aspects, like inventory management, Advanced Available-to-Promise, extended warehouse management, health and safety, material requirements planning and environment.

S/4HANA HCM: It was in January 2018, that SAP introduced S/4HANA HCM. This is an on-premises HCM (human capital management) application, that serves as an alternative to the SaaS HCM application of the company, called SAP SuccessFactors. S/4HANA HCM, as described by SAP, is a sidecar application, capable of operating alongside S/4HANA, or it is integrated into it. However, it is not an included module. In 2023, this will be available, and it is likely to be supported around 2030.

For professionals, it is important to stay abreast with the latest SAP modules. If you are planning to undergo training and obtain a SAP certification UK, it is recommended to get enrolled in one of the leading institutions. In the process, you can receive the necessary knowledge, that can leverage your career. A SAP certificate can add immense value to your resume.