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Our Approach

At Wizcore, we build a platform, an environment for you to learn, grow and achieve your career goals. In a global community, sharing ideas and experiences will enrich your present while enhancing your skills for your future. Investment in training translates to an investment in yourself, eventually benefitting yourself in the long run.

Learn From the Experts

The faculty at Wizcore is an experienced team of consultants from leading industries across the globe. Having served high profile roles in reputable organisations and academically experienced, you will have first-hand information and knowledge about the world of business. Delivering the best of both worlds, SAP training at Wizcore will help actualise your dreams and ambitions with knowledge and experience.

Who we are and What we do? We are highly adept in our field of work and are well-versed with the know-how of teaching. We give individual attention and help you through the problem. We help build and twirl your skills to your realm of interest. We give you real-life experience. We provide you with the clear picture of the task at hand, so you can get better at it.

Placement Approach

We will walk you through the requisites for launching yourself towards a successful career. Practical training, personalised advice, practical workshops, team-building and a sea of networking opportunities are complementary to your training with us. We don’t just teach but also help you reach your goals. We believe in placement-focussed training; from taking first steps, we make you proficient enough to set a platform for establishing yourself in the SAP job market.

We don’t just take training programs of classroom teaching and leave it at that. With us, you will be connected beyond. We make sure that you are not struggling at any level. Our aim is not just to help you attain a certificate, but to provide you with immense experience and knowledge during your journey with us.

Practical and Hands-on Training

Our courses are driven by the practical needs of hands-on training with the experts in the industries in which they work. This means our courses will provide you with practical tools and techniques that can be put to use while you are working on projects. Each of our intensive, hands-on courses is designed to help you acquire the skills you need: quickly and in-depth. When you return to work, you can apply your new skills, tools, and techniques right away, so you and your organisation reap the benefits immediately.

Advice and Support

Our highly experienced consultants help you select the course that’s right for you based on your profile and skills. We can also help you progress your career through a pathway of courses. Contact us for more advice.

Current and Up to Date

We regularly add and update our courses keeping ourselves up to date with the latest SAP Industry developments and techniques.