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Trustpilot Reviews

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SAP Human Capital Management

SAP Human Capital Management : Learn Strategies from Experts Behind Over 1000+ Crores in Ads Spend

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Who is it for?

SAP End-users

IT/Business analysts

Project team members

SAP HR consultants

Aspiring SAP HCM Consultants


A general understanding of HCM

SAP Human Capital Management

The SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) module manages human resources more efficiently. HCM provides the Human Resource (HR) department with solutions that are comprehensive, engaging and flexible. HCM module helps organisation in talent acquisition, bring into line employee goals with business objectives, identifying and developing employee skills, and measuring and rewarding employee performances. HCM automates all the core HR processes, resulting in increased efficiency and cost reductions for a company in the arena of human resource management.

What you will learn?

  • Create Objects
  • Essential Relationships
  • Create Description
  • Create Department/Staff
  • Add Relationships
  • Maintain Plan Data
  • Add account assigned to the Company Organisational Unit
  • Acct Assignment Features
  • Structure Maintenance
  • Hire an Employee
  • Make changes to Employee Master Data
  • Produce an Employee List report for the new employee
  1. Configure Positions
  2. Configure Reporting Relationships
  3. Produce and Organisational Structure Report
  • Hire an Employee
  • Make changes to Employee Master Data
  • Produce an Employee List report for the new employee
  • Configuring Personnel Sub-Areas
  • Employee Sub-Groups
  • Grouping for Work Schedules
  • Maintain HR Master Data
  • Change Organisational Assignment
  • Display Features
  • Process Feature/Decision Tree
  • Display the HR Master Data
  • Planned Working Time
  • Basic Pay
  • Work Schedules Overview
  • Primary Wage Type and Employee Groupings
  • Customising Project Administration
  • Process Feature Tariff: Decision Tree
  • Choose Activity
  • Determine Work Area
  • Create Basic Pay
  • Create Dialog Wage Type
  • Understand controls used to determine wage type assignment
  • Define feature LGMST to default wage type assignment
  • Setup indirect valuation
  • Overview: Concept and Condition Master
  • Item level, Header Level and Statistical Level Condition type
  • Discounts and Surcharge
  • Pricing determination
  • Customer Pricing Procedure and Document Pricing Procedure
  • Create Payroll Area
  • Create Control Record
  • GB Specific Schema
  • Personal Calculation Rule (PCR)
  • Function types and Example
  • Statutory Absences GB specific
  • Average bases
  • Overview of Time Management and its integration with other applications
  • Work schedule concept and planned working time specification
  • Attendances, absences and their payments
  • Time quotas and their deductions

How does this program work?

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