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Trustpilot Reviews

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SAP Controlling ( SAP CO )

SAP Controlling ( SAP CO ) : Learn Strategies from Experts Behind Over 1000+ Crores in Ads Spend

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Who is it for?

SAP FI End-users


ACCA Qualified professionals

Project team members

SAP FI consultants

Aspiring SAP FICO Consultants


A general understanding of FI and CO

SAP Controlling ( SAP CO )

The SAP Controlling (SAP CO) Module has the capability of meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organisation. It is within this module that Financial Managers, as well as other Managers within your business, can review the financial position of the company in real time as compared to legacy systems, which often times require overnight updates before financial statements can be generated and run for management review.

The real-time functionality of the SAP modules allows for better decision making and strategic planning. The CO (Control and Logistics) Module integrates with other SAP Modules such as MM (Materials Management), PP (Production Planning), and SD (Sales and Distribution)

The CO Module integrates with PP (Production Planning), includes SD (Sales and Distribution), as well as MM (Materials Management), Product Costing, and Probability Management etc.

What you will learn?

  •  SAP CO Basic Concepts
  • Setting up Controlling Area
  1.  Cost centre creation, change and Display
  2.  Creation of Activity types, Change display.
  3.  Distribution and Assessment
  4.  Activity-dependent planning and Independent Planning
  5.  Statistical key figures
  6.  Creation of allocation structure
  7.   Cost centre splitting
  8.  Plan and actual activity rate calculations
  • Creation profit centre hierarchy
  •  Creation of Profit centre
  •  Profit centre integration with other modules
  •  Profit centre reporting
  •  Profit centre month end process
  • Define Primary and secondary cost elements
  • Automatic and Manual creation of Cost elements
  • Assigning cost elements to cost centres and profit centres
  •  Creation of order types
  •  Creation of internal orders
  •  Creation of settlement profile
  •  Creation of budget profile
  •  Creation of planning profile
  •  Internal order settlement
  •  Cost component structure
  •  Auxiliary cost component structure
  •  Costing variant
  •  Valuation variant
  •  WIP settings
  •  Settlement profile
  •  Date control and transfer control
  •  Costing sheet
  •  Product cost by order process
  •  Product cost by period process
  •  Product cost by sales order process
  •  Co-product and Byproduct
  •  CO/PP Integration
  •  CO/MM Integration
  •  FI/CO Integration
  •  Overview of PP Master data
  •  Overview of Material master
  •  Creation of operating concern
  •  Characteristics and Value fields
  •  Valuation strategy
  •  FI/COPA Integration
  •  CO/COPA integration
  •  SD/COPA Integration
  •  PA transfer structure
  •  Creation of Forms
  •  Creation of reports through report painter
  •  COPA derivation
  •  Product hierarchy
  • Material ledger and actual costing overview
  • Month end process

How does this program work?

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