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Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

Rated 4.7/5

S/4 HANA Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

S/4 HANA Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) : Learn Strategies from Experts Behind Over 1000+ Crores in Ads Spend

Trusted by world's biggest organizations

Who is it for?

Development Consultants who are responsible for developing and customising ABAP / ABAP Objects programs.


Extensive basic data processing knowledge and good programming experience in another programming language.

S/4 HANA Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

SAP ABAP/4 (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the programming language used to develop all SAP ERP applications. Today, with more than 43,000 customers worldwide, SAP is one of the most widely used ERP applications. Needless to say, the demand for SAP Certified ABAP Consultants is constantly growing.

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to ERP Systems
  • Introduction to SAP
  • ABAP Editor
  • System Landscapes
  • 3 – Landscapes
  • 4 – Landscapes
  • 2 – Landscapes
  • Data Types & Keywords
  • Output Statements
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Relational Operations
  • Writing Small Programs
  • String Operations (Translate, Condense, Concatenate)
  • Control Statements
  • Selection Screens (Parameters, Select-Options)
  • Open SQL Statements (Insert, Modify, Delete, Update)
  • Simple Reporting
  1. Why to Transport?
  2. Creation of a Task
  3. What is a Transport Request?
  4. Releasing of Request
  5. Package Creation
  • Creation of Database Tables
  • Data Element & Data Domain
  • Structures & Table Types
  • Search Helps (Elementary Search Help, Collective Search Help)
  • Creation of Views (Database View, Projection View, Maintenance View)
  • Help View
  • Type Groups
  • Creation of Foreign Keys
  • Check & Value Tables
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Pillars of ABAP (Work Area, Internal Table)
  • Modularization Techniques(Sub-Routines. Includes, Function Modules)
  • For All Entries & Joins
  • Events for Classical Reports
  • Events for Interactive Reports
  • Types of Messages & Message Class Creation
  • Introduction to ABAP List Viewer
  • Types of ABAP List Viewer
  • Function Module for List Display
  • Function Module for Grid Display
  • Interactive ALV (SLIS)
  • Introduction to Cross Applications
  • Working with RFC Function Modules
  • Overview of Business Objects
  • Creation of Business Objects
  • Creation of BAPI
  • Introduction to Enhancements
  • User Exits
  • Customer Exits
  • Introduction to BAdIs (Business Add Ins)
  • Implementation of a BAdI
  • Overview of Enhancement Spots, Enhancement Sections, Enhancement Implementations, Class Enhancements
  • Introduction to Scripts
  • Layout Sets
  • SAP Scripts Elements
  • Logo Inclusions
  • Working with SMARTFORMS
  • Standard Text
  • Graphics Managements
  • Output Type Configuration to Standard Orders

How does this program work?

Weekly Live Q&A and Guest Sessions

For expert insights and answers to all your questions

Collaborative Jamming and Networking Sessions

Share ideas and solve problems in weekly community sessions to build a strong network

On Demand Content

Because we understand that fitting live sessions into your daily schedules can be tough

Community for life

You’ll be made part of a community of like-minded people where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.