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Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

Rated 4.7/5

AWS Fundamentals in DevOps

Learn how to leverage AWS services and best practices to achieve continuous integration, delivery, and deployment in our AWS Fundamentals in DevOps course.

Trusted by world's biggest organizations

Gain the skills necessary to streamline your software delivery pipeline

In this comprehensive course, we will dive deep into the core principles of DevOps and explore how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can empower your organization to achieve continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. Whether you are a seasoned DevOps professional looking to enhance your skills or a beginner interested in understanding the fundamentals of AWS and DevOps, this course will provide you with the knowledge and practical insights necessary to succeed in today's rapidly evolving software development landscape. Get ready to learn how to leverage AWS services and tools to automate and streamline your software delivery pipeline, increase collaboration between development and operations teams, and accelerate your organization's time-to-market.

There are many benefits of taking AWS Fundamentals in DevOps course

DevOps principles mastery

AWS CI/CD expertise

Infrastructure automation skills

Improved team collaboration

Integration with popular tools

Scalable AWS architectures

Enhanced software quality

Cost-effective resource management

Stay updated with industry trends

Valuable certification attainment

What you will learn?

  1. The core principles and best practices of DevOps.
  2. How to leverage AWS services for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.
  3. Strategies to enhance collaboration and communication between development and operations teams.
  4. Integration methods with popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Ansible, and Git.
  5. Design and implementation of scalable and resilient architectures on AWS.
  6. Effective testing and monitoring techniques to improve software quality.
  7. Resource utilization optimization and cost management in the AWS cloud.
  8. Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in DevOps and AWS.
  9. Prepare for and obtain a valuable industry-recognized certification.

How does this program work?

Weekly Live Q&A and Guest Sessions

For expert insights and answers to all your questions

Collaborative Jamming and Networking Sessions

Share ideas and solve problems in weekly community sessions to build a strong network

On Demand Content

Because we understand that fitting live sessions into your daily schedules can be tough

Community for life

You’ll be made part of a community of like-minded people where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, prior experience is not required. This course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced professionals. It provides a comprehensive introduction to DevOps principles and AWS services, making it suitable for individuals at various skill levels.

While the course itself does not provide a certification, it will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue relevant certifications. You can choose to pursue industry-recognized certifications such as the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or other relevant certifications to validate your skills and enhance your professional profile.

The duration of the course may vary depending on your learning pace and schedule. On average, participants complete the course within a few weeks. However, the course is self-paced, allowing you to progress at your own speed and convenience.

Yes, there will be support available throughout the course. You can engage with instructors and fellow learners through discussion forums, where you can ask questions, seek clarification, and participate in discussions. Additionally, there may be opportunities for live Q&A sessions or instructor-led office hours to further support your learning journey.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to engage with other learners through discussion forums or dedicated communication channels. This provides a collaborative learning environment where you can share insights, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of your peers.

The course content is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advancements and trends in AWS and DevOps. The instructors strive to provide up-to-date information and practices, ensuring that you are equipped with the most relevant knowledge and skills in the field.

While the focus of this course is on AWS services, many of the DevOps principles and practices covered are applicable to other cloud platforms as well. The skills you gain in automation, collaboration, and infrastructure management can be transferred to other cloud environments, allowing you to adapt and work effectively with various cloud platforms.